Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's a Baby/Beer!

Here's a few things I know for certain. (1) I love all things vintage and funky, while my hubby loves all things beer.  (2) I can credit my burgeoning belly to our beautiful baby girl growing inside me, while my hubby can credit his adorable belly to well, you guessed it, beer. :)  So, what better way to document our 32nd week than a photo that highlights both of our beautiful bellies?!  Enter my lovely new etsy friend Alex who has an amazing collection of vintage items including vintage wooden letter blocks.  You can find them @ Vintage by Alex Keller. I contacted Alex randomly a few weeks ago and asked if she could hunt down blocks for 'baby' and 'beer' and within a few short days, we had the adorable blocks in our hands.  We took the pics this weekend, while we had some of our wonderful family and friends in town for our baby shower.  Here is the finished product... :)

Our girl getting in on the wood block action :)

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